Send us your tracks and they will be ready within one week, 9 processing steps included.


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In the studio

Just book online for whenever you want (email for bookings and contacts).


What is mastering?

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in the studio @ lemontaudiostudio

Online: send me your files and they will be mixed in just a few days, 9 processing steps included in the quote. Analogue or digital as you prefer.







Super 8: conversions, editing, restoration, text editing, creating DVDs, mpg4, MDV, VHS, smartphone version, any format you may require.



not only is Yard a space and a website, it is also a small liquid and solid factory open to collaborations, connected with the new digital and social age however with an analogue approach and style.



A passion for recording, mixing, mastering, studies in the audio and video sector, hundreds of records, thousands of kilometres of live performances, both as a musician as well as sound engineering, in and around Europe have brought me here to this Y point.



Fabio Magistrali  - My audio’s older brother

Bips studio - learning-managent-rec-mix-mastering for five years

Longsong records - engeneer for some production

Fooltribe - live-great band-great people- since 2000

Zlaya Hadzich - mastering-preproduction experience

Carl Staff - He has mastered some albums for me in the past

Giovanni Versari - mastering reference    

Andrea Viti - recordings mix  production vintage violence and other project

Newmastering - teach me

Wakeupandream - driver 

Insolitocinema - audio recording mix on this works :
The Bagel factory
40 passi

Colder - driver italy tour 2005

Poesiapresente - audio cd and live reading

Compilation mastering rock sound - master period 2004

Adesso-online - audio edit mix once upon    2005

People from the mountains - friend/band mate/ many production together

E27 - my bro

Quadrato magico - some live concert as phonix

Upupa produzioni - great young label

Civica scuola di cinema - where i was 2000/2002

Techne - worker

Anna Bacchia - vocal sound - 3 little sitting very big inspiration

Auditorium morbegno - technics sometime

Bleach studio - drum recordings

Nhq - recordings-mix-up and down

Phicophonic - 2006/8 farm studio

Rock targato Italia - compilation not area 2003/2004

Soundcity service - phonic-roadies-somethimes 

Rocksound  - compilation mastering

Lucky music lugano - restructuring-opening 2004

Rock and Rodes - second stage

Amiina - opening band with  musica da cucina during the winter 2006

Alberto Camerini - one show as phonic casually

The National - touring together with three in one gentleman suit on summer 2005

Ortosonico - neighbour -technician for many live on 2007

Andalorock - second stage 2011 / 2012 / 2015  

curiosity: record with a fantastic neve desk:
Porno jazz


Lorenz LeMont



Musica da cucina - rec-mix-master

Matita - red-mix

Carla Bozulich e Simone Massaron - rec on sountracks jade

Bob Corn "we don't need the outside" (Fooltribe “07) - all in a farm

Comaneci - guest

Laboule - all in a schelter

Milaus - Milaus "jjj" ( Black Candy “05)  - rec-myx-production

Three in one gentleman suit "some new strategies" (Black Candy" 05) - all

Three in one gentleman suit "we built today" - all

Tiziano Tononi "Peace Warriors vol.due -Forgotten Children"  (Black Saint "07 ) -  rec

Beppe Caruso Free Air Sextet "punti di vista" (Free Music 07) - red-mix

Giovanni Falzone "suite for bird" - SOUL NOTE - rec mix

Banda Rulli Frulli la ciurma album - all

William Parker & Tiziano Tononi - rec

Talibam! - rec session  on day off in italy

Boccardi​/​English - rec mix

Alberto Boccardi - rec mix

Ultravioletmakemesick - mix

Daniele Cavallanti, Guido Mazzon "Our Prayer" - Splasc(h)) - rec-mix

Vintage violence - red-mix

Gradinata nord - all

Sbizza - rec-mix

Macbeth - rec mix fever

Manetti! "manetti" ( Subcasotto ) - rec-mix

Sursum Corda  "In Volo” - rec-mix

Afrodisiaci - rec-mix

Lions in a coma

Zerbet - rec-mix-master

Bibo - luv

Hagover Blackout - rec-mix

r.u.n.i.  - watching

Davide Taloni - rec-mix

Daniele Cavallanti & Tiziano Tononi - rec

Sex offenders seek salvation "s/t" (Fooltibe  “07) - rec-mix-master

News for lulu - rec-mix

Push botton gently - rec-mix

Fuseaux - rec-mix

Jorge A. Bosso - rec-mix-master

Alfred e Jack - all

Dirty Sanchez - rec-mix-master

Rue de van gogh - rec-mix-master

Riot - rec-mix-master

Noise from the cellar - rec-mix-master

Ultimo branco - rec-mix-master

Sinergie coronate album - rec-mix-master

Stearica - acid mother temples -  live-rec


After 15 years of experience I have decided to open an audio and video network, where technical skills develop around and at the service of artistic expression.


From vinyl, tapes, any kind of audio and video format to compatible files for PC, smartphone, DVD (wav, Mp3, mpeg, mpg4 HD and ...)

Nerd assistance

File recovery, creating the right format for you, consultation, advice from experts in the audio and video sector.


I enjoy working and collaborate with:


dalila rovazzani

domenico buzzetti

fabio bonelli

marcello mariana

paolo novellino



Yard Audio in the middle of the Alps nowhere street

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Mobile: +39 347 139 6006



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